Programmatic technology is seen as the future of online advertising.
Created for simple and fast selling and buying.

Programmatic Buying Ecosystems


SSP (Supply-Side-Platform) is built for Publishers. It connects them with a lot of buyers and allows to sell the inventory by real time auctions that guarantees the highest possible rates.

  • Flexible integrations
  • Performance and Revenue Reporting by date, by hours, country, domains
  • API stats
  • Setting floor prices, dimensions, categories
  • Implementing passback tags for unsold inventory


DSP (Demand-Side-Platform) is created for Advertisers for reaching their targeted audience. It allows to buy inventory via Open RTB protocol. Just create a campaign and set it up.

Main features:

  • Customized Targeting Options (GEO, browser, operating systems and device type targeting)
  • Scheduling (days of week, time periods of day)
  • Setting budgets and rates
  • Setting black and white lists by domain, referrer and IP