Using our own SSP system, all members can manage all from start to finish.

What We Offer
Our own exclusive platform
Real Time Reporting
High Fill Rates, CPM, Revenue
Customized Implementation
Timely payments
Dedicated Account Manager
What is an SSP?

A supply-side platform is a technology platform to enable web publishers to manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue. Publishers can use a supply-side platform to automate and optimize the selling of their online media space (such as advertising locations on their website).

A supply-side platform interfaces on the publisher side to advertising networks and exchanges, which in turn interface to demand-side platforms (DSP) on the advertiser side.

This system allows advertisers to put online advertising before a selected target audience. SSPs send potential impressions into ad exchanges, where DSPs purchase them on marketers’ behalf, depending on specific targeting attributes. By offering impressions to as many potential buyers as possible publishers can maximize the revenue generated by their advertising space.




Our optimization technology guarantees you the best CPM rates. None of your impressions will be lost.

Revenue Share

Revenue share with a high fill rate

We offer you the highest revenue share of 80%. Due to the wide range of advertisers, we ensure that your inventory gets filled completely.


Payment terms

We pay on Net45 basis — it means you will be paid in 45 days after the end of that calendar month. Our payment options include Wire Transfer and PayPal. Our minimum payout limit is $1 (for payments via PayPal) and $500 (for Wire Transfer).

Customer Service

Customer service

We offer you friendly and attentive customer support. Our team is constantly online. You can reach out to your managers via any convenient way.